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Is taking care of the oral health of your dog important to you?
Does your dog have a tendency to build up tartar?

If so, PAWERCE DENTAL chews are appropriate for them. Studies show that the administration of bone rawhide, in addition to the daily diet, as compared to the other chews, represents the most effective way in preventing diseases of the oral cavity. In addition, feeding of dog chews significantly cleans the teeth from plaque and reduces tartar build up.

  • ENZYME & MINERAL DENTAL PROTECTION – our mix of minerals and enzyme protects the teeth against excessive build-up of tartar, so the dog could more enjoy strong and healthy teeth.
  • Parsley and chlorophyll (a natural colouring) – refreshes the breath of your dog.
  • A ratio of calcium to phosphate (1: 1) for the correct behaviour of calcium level in the body and proper bones growth.


92% rawhide, 2.5% tripe, 2.5% bull pizzle, 1% minerals (calcium carbonate, magnesium, calcium carbonate from oyster shells, magnesium oxide), parsley, chlorophyllin, lysozyme

Analytical constituents:

Crude protein: 75,77%
Crude oils: 2,47%
Crude fibre: 1,0%
Crude ash: 3,42%
Phosphorus: 23,7 mg/100 g
Calcium: 23 mg/100 g
2 bone filled

Bone filled



For medium breeds

For medium breeds